At Ekolu Skincare, we believe that natural skincare is not just a product, it's a way of life.

Our journey began as a family tradition, three Venezuelan sisters and our dermatologist father all dedicated to creating skincare solutions that would nourish and moisturize our skin without compromising its health or the planet's. One of our sister's daughters, Valentina, suffered from atopic dermatitis, and no other soaps on the market seemed to help her condition. Frustrated with the lack of options, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create our own natural soaps. To our delight, our soaps worked to soothe and improve Valentina's condition, and we felt inspired to share our soaps with the world.

After years of perfecting the art of blending natural ingredients together, we are proud to offer a collection of truly magical soaps that are sure to nourish and revitalize your skin.

But our commitment to natural skincare goes beyond just our products. We are dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality ingredients that are vegan, free of palm oil and harsh chemicals, and eco-friendly. And because we believe that everyone deserves skincare that is both effective and good for the environment, we take care to ensure that our ingredients are safe and healthy for both you and the planet.

As sisters and skincare enthusiasts, we invite you to join us on our journey and discover the life-changing benefits of plant-based, natural skincare. Explore our collection of hydrating and nourishing soap bars, and experience the difference for yourself. Your skin and the environment will thank you!